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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Erdogan looks for hug from Obama

Turkish Prime Minister whined on Saturday over American comments about his blaming Israel for the overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt. This is from the first link.
On Saturday, Erdogan said the US should not have responded to his comments, adding Washington’s reactions had “saddened” him, as the remarks were aimed at Israel and not at the US.
“When I said that, an answer came from the White House. I was saddened. Because the interlocutor [of the comments] was not the White House. I did not mean the United States, but Israel,” Erdogan told the crowd during a ceremony in his hometown Rize.
“What is it to the White House that it should respond? It should not have mentioned it, it should not had reacted like this. As two members of NATO, that one ally shows this kind of approach to the other is not appropriate,” Erdogan said.
Asked to comment about Erdogan’s statement, an Israeli government official responded with one word: “Nonsense.”
The Egyptian interim government rejected Erdogan’s statement as “baseless,” irrational and “very bewildering,” saying its patience was running thin with Turkey, one of the biggest critics of the July 3 military coup. “Its purpose is to strike at the unity of Egyptians,” the government said in a statement.
The end of Erdogan as a world power? Heh. 

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At 11:58 AM, Blogger josef said...

What jerks are the two guys. This piece of shit Erdogan pretends to be a cool 21st century leader, all he wants is to wind back the partly westernized Turkey and make it to another Saudi Arabia.
Why is this other piece of Shit, the former MaoistBarroso smiling?


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