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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Canadian 'Palestinian' leader: Tell the Jews to leave Jerusalem and 'Palestine' or we will kill them

At an al-Quds day rally in Toronto, the former president of 'Palestine House' urged giving the Jews of 'Palestine' Israel an ultimatum.
Addressing the annual al-Quds Day rally on Saturday, Elias Hazineh, the former president of Palestine House in suburban Toronto, called for “an ultimatum” to Israelis: “You have to leave Jerusalem. You have to leave Palestine.
“We say get out or you’re dead! We give them two minutes and then we start shooting. And that’s the only way that they will understand,” Hazineh said to cheers from a crowd of approximately 400.
The annual rally took place at a park near the grounds of the Ontario capital building. Last week, the sergeant-at-arms of the Legislature denied a permit to hold the rally on the grounds surrounding the building for reasons of “public safety.”
'Palestine House' receives (or at least it used to) Canadian government funding, but that funding was cut last year because of their extremism.

Toronto has a large Jewish community.

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