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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Boo. Hoo. Hezbullah terrorists in Nigeria complain about Mossad interrogation

Two Hezbullah terrorists who were arrested in connection with a huge arms cache in Nigeria complained in court on Monday that they were interrogated 'roughly' by agents of Israel's Mossad.
Testifying in a Nigerian court on Monday, Fawaz was quote by AFP as saying that he had been interrogated by six "crude and nasty" Mossad agents over 14 days.
"They handcuffed my hands behind my back for days. I lost count because they did not allow me to sleep for several days...I was interrogated in Arabic. I asked to be interrogated in English, but they refused. Most of them are weak in English. They are not Europeans, but Israelis."
Fawaz, who denied being a member of Hezbollah in his testimony on Monday, added that the alleged Mossad agents "asked me about my link with Hezbollah, but they concentrated more on Lebanon -- whether I knew if there are weapons stored in the south of Lebanon or the identities of people who have been trained by Hezbollah."
Thahini, who told the court that he was no longer a member of Hezbollah, said that he had been denied sleep for five days by the alleged Mossad interrogators. He said that he knew by their accents that they were Israelis, according to AFP.
Both suspects denied any knowledge of the arms cache or a terror plot. AFP reported that the trial was adjourned until September 30 after both the prosecution and defense concluded their cases.
No waterboarding? No sticking their heads in bags with the faint smell of vomit? Heck, they got off easy as far as I'm concerned. 


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