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Monday, August 26, 2013

And again: Israeli government minister declares 'two-state solution' dead

For the second time in three months, an Israeli government minister has officially declared the 'two-state solution' dead.
A two-state solution is an unrealistic resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Housing and Construction Minister Uri Ariel said on Sunday evening as he helped dedicate two new neighborhoods of 160 homes in the West Bank settlement of Kedumim.
“Those who are here understand why the vision of two states is unrealistic and will ever happen. Those who think they can force us to build only within the Auschwitz borders are wrong,” Ariel said.
“I suggest that one should look for those big criminals against humanity somewhere else,” he said. “They won’t be found here, they are elsewhere in the Middle East,” he added.
He also helped helped celebrate the construction of a new neighborhood called Leshem of 300 homes in the Alei Zahav settlement, of which 100 have been built.
“I will say very clearly that I am here to build you an apartment, and we are doing this everywhere in Israel. We are building 300 homes in Leshem just like we are building thousands in Rosh Ha’ayin. We are building in Kedumim like we are building in Kiryat Gat and in Modi’in. We are building in Jerusalem like we are building in the Galilee,” Ariel said.
Building new homes is a Zionist and economic solution to the high cost of housing, he said.
 Has anyone told the Prime Minister?

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