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Thursday, July 18, 2013

The most anti-Semitic country in Europe? It's Britain

On Tuesday, I reported that Europe is threatening to require visas from all all 'settlers' who wish to enter its territory in the event that the Kerry mission to restart 'peace talks' fails. That would apparently include yours truly.

The basis for that report is apparently notes taken at the European Council meeting at the end of June. Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the biggest Jew hater of all? Unsurprisingly, it's apparently Britain.
While most European Union diplomats backed new guidelines prohibiting EU agencies from funding Israeli bodies connected to West Bank settlements, the British delegate to the talks went even further, suggesting the guidelines should apply to every Israeli citizen who lives beyond the Green Line.
That emerges from the notes taken by a senior European diplomat who attended the talks, held in Brussels over the last few weeks.


The British diplomats “warmly welcomed the guidelines and asked why they were not applicable to individuals,” he wrote.
A member of the EEAS replied that there were several reasons for this. One was that it involved hundreds of thousands of people. “It was considered impractical to ‘chase’ individual persons and would also mean that they would be singled out,” he said.
Given that Britain did more than any other country to attempt to prevent the establishment of the State of Israel, is anyone really surprised?

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At 12:35 AM, Blogger Smijj said...

Too many liberals in government agencies. Don't blame us all. The u.s, e.u, even Israel has the same problem.

At 6:36 AM, Blogger Dan Kelso said...

Britain is really sick.
This sounds like the British Nuremberg's laws.
Its the new White Paper Britain is trying to give out to appease Arab terrorists.
I'll never forget how Britain in the 73 war refused to let America have Britain send weapons to the Shah of Iran, who then would give them to Israel.

There was a great article how England always supported the Arabs over Israel.
This is a must read.

In the service of the Palestinians
Op-ed: In light of its dark past, Britain's involvement in building of PA's army very problematic
Elyakim Haetzni

At 6:38 AM, Blogger mrzee said...

Britain has been Israel's greatest enemy for the past 80 years. I'll enjoy watching the "Asian immigrants" burn the place to the ground.


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