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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Syrian rebels claim defecting army general provided intel on Latakia

A Syrian rebel web site is reporting that a general who defected from the Syrian army provided Israel with intelligence information that led to the destruction of Syria's Yakhont land-to-sea missiles in Latakia.

According to the report on the website Al-Hakika, which relies on Turkish sources, Malik al-Kurdi served at the Syrian naval base in Latakia. Before he defected, Al-Kurdi told the American navy attaché in Ankara, Turkey, that advanced Russian-made Yakhont anti-ship missiles were delivered to the Syrian army and that President Bashar Assad intended to transfer them to Hezbollah.

In light of the information, which included precise coordinates, the attack was set into motion. According to The Sunday Times, the attack was carried out by Israeli Dolphin-class submarines. The Lebanese television channel MTV reported that Israel attacked the missile warehouses only after verifying that no Russian military advisers were present.
Only the Israelis would have made sure that no Russians were present.

If this story is true, it shows that there is still intelligence cooperation between Israel and the US after all. 

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