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Monday, July 22, 2013

So this is what releasing 'a few prisoners at a time' means

So this is what Prime Minister Netanyahu had in mind when he said he would release 'a few prisoners terrorists at a time' over the course of the 'negotiations.'

Haaretz is reporting this morning that Netanyahu has agreed to release 82 of the 103 murdering terrorists that Israel has been  holding since before 1993 as a 'gesture' to start the negotiations.

But YNet says that the terrorists will be released gradually

Israel has already committed to the gradual release of 82 Palestinian prisoners serving time in Israel from the period prior to the Oslo Accords in four groups: The first at the beginning of the second month of negotiations, and the rest every two additional months. The release of prisoners in the latter stages is stipulated on the seriousness exhibited by the Palestinians as peace talks progress.
A senior military source said that the release of the prisoners is part of good will gestures aimed at appeasing the Palestinians: "All those imprisoned from the Oslo period needs to be released – especially after we released Hamas prisoners. Morally, this is difficult in regards to the (bereaved) families, but in the current situation, we can and should release them."
What could go wrong?

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