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Friday, July 19, 2013

'Palestinians' protest 'Palestinians' being allowed into Israel

As many of you probably know already, it's Ramadamadan. Trying to keep the 'Palestinians' happy, Israel has granted hundreds of permits for 'Palestinians' to pass through the 'security fence' and enter those parts of Israel that are within the 'security fence.' The 'Palestinians' are seething about it. Yes, seething.
West Bank markets have suffered as Palestinians head to Israel to go shopping.

Jamal Jawabreh, secretary-general of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry, said the Palestinian economy was already suffering from a lack of liquidity, while salaries have dropped and the cost of living has increased.

Jawabreh said Israel was granting Palestinians access on all days except the days of prayer to encourage them to shop in Israel.

He said Israel was trying to counter its own deficit. The Chambers of Commerce has discussed the issue but is unable to stop Israel granting permits, he added.

Economic analyst Yasser Shahine said the permits were directly affecting Palestinian markets, and that Palestinians were buying even basic goods like dairy produce from Israel due to lower prices.

Shahine said the lack of trade rules exacerbated the problem, as Palestinian merchants bought goods from Israel and sold them at a higher price in West Bank markets, rather than trading in local produce.
I think that's what most of you would call a market economy. What they don't mention is that the reason people don't buy the 'Palestinian'-made products is that they're crap. When was the last time you bought something that was 'made in Palestine.' That's why the European threat to boycott Judea and Samaria is effective. The only things people want to buy from there are things made in the Jewish-owned factories.

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