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Monday, July 15, 2013

Oh my... World Trade Center mastermind Ramzy Youssef behind TWA 800 explosion?

Last month, I reported on a new video that looks into claims that TWA flight 800 from JFK to Paris was shot down 17 years ago this week.

On Sunday, London's Daily Mail reported that Ramzy Youssef, the mastermind of the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993, was behind the explosion, that the FBI knew in advance of a plot to blow up a plane, but didn't know which one, and that the source of the FBI's information was recorded conversations between Youssef and his next door neighbor in prison, mob boss Gregory Scarpa, Jr. According to this version, the plane wasn't shot down - it was blown up, maybe by someone on board (Hat Tip: Curtis F).
Yousef was being held in a cell next to Scarpa Jr, Lance explained: ‘The feds were so wary of Yousef’s skills at making improvised bombs that they wouldn’t even let him keep mouthwash or toothpaste in his cell.’

But they provided Scarpa Jr with a tiny spy-camera to photograph the ‘kites’ or pieces of paper pushed from Yousef’s cell through a connecting sink U-bend into his own.

Scarpa Jr had convinced his neighbor that the mafia was sympathetic to al Qaeda’s cause and that ‘his people’ on the outside could help make Yousef’s plans a reality.

The plot revealed in Yousef’s ‘kites’ was startling and clear.

Lance said: ‘They planned to bring down a plane and call for a mistrial in his case. Yousef, who was representing himself and doing not a bad job of it, would argue a bomb went off that was identical to the one I’m accused of and I’ve been in jail for a year and a half…’

Documents prove that the Feds set up a false telephone exchange, the Roma Corporation, which Scarpa Jr told Yousef could safely patch calls through to his people.

Federal translators listened to the calls. But while the translators spoke Arabic, Yousef spoke Balachi or Urdu.

Among the documents copied verbatim or photographed by Scarpa Jr is one entitled, How to Smuggle Explosives into an Airplane and dated 19 May 1996. Just two months before TWA Flight 800 came down.

Lance stated that one former FBI agent, familiar with the intelligence described it to him as ‘weapons grade plutonium.’

He said: ‘It was a blueprint that could have led the Bureau not just to Yousef’s role in the crash of TWA Flight 800 but to 9/11 as well.’

TWA Flight 800 was brought down the day before the most damning evidence in Yousef’s Bojinka trial was due to be revealed – a confession from a co-conspirator.


Traces of the high explosive PETN were found on the plane’s right wing near the mid-section. Two metal seats in the 23rd row had fist-sized holes blown through them and explosive RDX was discovered near the PETN above the center wing fuel tank.

RDX was the very explosive mentioned in Yousef’s ‘How To…’ document.

Key to the official dismissal of the presence of a bomb was investigators’ contention that the presence of these explosives was actually due to a sniffer dog trial conducted on the craft some weeks earlier.

The officer conducting that K-9 test was Herman Burnett.

In an interview with Mr Burnett, Lance revealed: ‘He told me categorically that he didn’t carry out the test on that plane.’

The test was conducted on a sister aircraft.

He added: ‘In other words there was no reason for explosives to be found.’
Read the whole thing.

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