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Friday, July 19, 2013

Obama calls to pressure Netanyahu

President Hussein Obama called Prime Minister Netanyahu on Thursday to pressure him once again to accept the 'Palestinians' conditions for renewing 'talks.'
"The President encouraged Prime Minister Netanyahu to continue to work with Secretary Kerry to resume negotiations with the Palestinians as soon as possible," the White House said, noting the leaders also talked about security issues in Egypt, Iran and Syria.
A senior State Department official said Kerry would consult both sides again on Friday - it was not clear whether that would be in person or on the telephone - before going home.
The US State Department on Thursday played down reports that an agreement was at hand, saying there were currently no plans to announce a resumption of Israeli-Palestinian talks.
"It is appropriate and encouraging that there is such a serious debate about these issues," the senior US official said in a brief emailed comment as the Palestinian discussions continued. "We understand that there are many strongly held views and appreciate efforts to find a basis to move forward."
Kerry has not even met Netanyahu while he's been in the region, and it should be clear by now to everyone that it's the 'Palestinian' side that has to give and not the Israeli one, and that's why Kerry has been spending all his time with the 'Palestinians.' Kerry has squeezed Israel dry, while the 'Palestinians' have yet to give on anything.

What could go wrong?

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