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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Morsy: Better to die standing like a tree

Is Mohammed Morsy preparing to fight to the finish?

Saying that Mursi was not seeking to cling to office for its own sake, spokesman Ayman Ali told Reuters that, in his overnight speech to the nation, the president had defied calls to resign in order to "defend the democratic system".

"It is better for a president, who would otherwise be returning Egypt to the days of dictatorship, from which God and the will of the people has saved us, to die standing like a tree," Ali said, "Rather than be condemned by history and future generations for throwing away the hopes of Egyptians for establishing a democratic life."
Egyptians would have a lot more hope for a democratic life if their government was more representative. On the other hand, they voted for this....

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At 6:15 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

FoxNews's headline is that the generals say they will fight to the death... hmmmm.....the media (all of it at this point) is way wacky on how the cull, withhold, and try to pick winners and losers. Good thing we have israelmatzav.blogspot.com!


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