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Saturday, July 06, 2013

Kerry's 'peace' plan: More demands from the 'Palestinians' more concessions from Israel

Shavua tov, a good week to everyone.

The London pan-Arabic daily al-Hayat revealed on Saturday the elements of US Secretary of State John Kerry's proposal to resume 'peace talks' between Israel and the 'Palestinians.'
According to the newspaper, which quoted an unnamed Palestinian official, the secretary’s proposal will also focus on revitalizing the Palestinian economy. This initiative seeks to boost joint Palestinian-regional projects and involves investments from private firms that will spur growth in industries like agriculture, tourism, and construction. The plan also calls on Israel to authorize Palestinian projects in Area C, which is under full Israeli security and civil control.
Other sources in the report were quoted as saying that the plan includes a pledge by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to publicly commit to negotiations using the model laid out by US President Barack Obama during his visit to the region: two states living side by side, on the basis of the 1967 lines with land swaps, as well as a Palestinian recognition of Israel as a Jewish state.
The Palestinian team has, for now, demanded the release of all 103 prisoners — not in phases, but at the same time — and a full settlement construction freeze, and not just a freeze outside the main blocs, for the duration of the talks, the Al-Hayat report added, quoting another Palestinian source familiar with the plan.
Netanyahu has reportedly been willing to release many of the pre-Oslo prisoners, most of whom have Israeli blood on their hands, but in phases, fearing that Abbas would abandon the negotiations if all the prisoners went free at the start. He also reportedly agreed to several concessions in his 14 hours of talks during Kerry’s last trip, including a construction freeze outside the major West Bank settlement blocs and a slowing down of building in East Jerusalem and inside the settlement blocs. Part of Kerry’s staff stayed behind to work with the Palestinian team in Ramallah on its demands and Israel’s responses.
I'm not sure what it matters when the 103 terrorists are going to be released. If the 'Palestinians' continue to give nothing at the table, but continue to show up, is Netanyahu going to be the one to 'end the talks' by refusing to release any more terrorists? Moreover, what is a 'slowing down' of building in 'east' Jerusalem? There is no construction in 'east' Jerusalem now.

If Netanyahu actually agreed to all this, maybe it's time for new elections. What could go wrong?

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I smell the stench of Baker and Brzezinski.


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