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Sunday, July 07, 2013

Here he comes again....

US Secretary of State John Kerry is returning to our region again at the end of this week to try to 'narrow the gaps' between Israel and the 'Palestinians.' But it appears that much of what was reported on Saturday in al-Hayat as being part of the plan has not yet been agreed. This is from the first link.
In fact, [Kerry's senior adviser on the 'peace process,' Frank] Lowenstein is trying to get the parties to agree to a document that would contain the principles for the renewal of talks, but no agreement has emerged. For example, Netanyahu has agreed to consider an unofficial hiatus in new construction outside the large settlement blocs during the period of the talks. But the Palestinians still want an official statement by the Israeli government that all construction in the settlements is being stopped.
With regard to prisoners, the Shin Bet security service has informed Netanyahu of its opposition to the release of a few dozen prisoners on the Palestinians’ list. Netanyahu has agreed to the release of some 60 prisoners, but only after the renewal of talks, and only in a phased manner.
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas wants all the prisoners released at once.

As for basing the talks on the 1967 lines, a senior Israeli official said that if talks are renewed, Kerry will announce that they will be based on the 1967 lines with exchanges of territory. This would allow both the Palestinians and Israelis to present their public objections to the issue, while accepting it in principle.
Two senior officials close to the talks had two different opinions on the progress being made. One said the gaps were getting smaller, while the other said the talks were “one step forward, two steps backward.”
Speaking over the weekend at the town of Kfar Yasif in the Western Galilee, Erekat said the Palestinians had presented their positions to the Americans and were waiting for a response.
A Palestinian official told Haaretz that, even if the plan has been correctly reported, this does not mean the Palestinians will accept it as is. The Palestinians particularly object to recognition of Israel as a Jewish state, and to a construction freeze only outside the large settlement blocs, the official said.
Same old, same old.....

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At 9:34 AM, Blogger Captain.H said...

Hey, Lurch was a nice guy! Devoted to the Adams family, good-hearted and honest, lacking in egotism, he was the antithesis of John Kerry.


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