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Monday, July 22, 2013

Egypt to go to war in Sinai?

Egyptian troops are returning to Sinai but it's not Israelis they're after. It's Islamists.
Egyptian military forces have prohibited fishing off the coast of northern Sinai in order to stop Palestinian terrorists from entering by sea, according to Egyptian security officials quoted by the Palestinian Ma'an News Agency on Sunday.
The army crackdown on the tunnels has led many to enter Egypt on fishing boats at night, according to the report.
A boat carrying 10 Palestinians was recently intercepted by the Egyptian coast guard and four of them belong to a jihadist group in Gaza, according to Egyptian officials.
Ongoing terrorist attacks in Sinai continued on Sunday with gunmen attacking security checkpoints in El- Arish by firing three Grad rockets, killing and injuring a number of people according to a report by the Egyptian State Information Service.
Meanwhile, Egyptian security forces arrested a terrorist who attacked a checkpoint on Sunday using automatic weapons. Apache helicopters helped locate and apprehend the terrorist, according to the Daily News Egypt.
The Egyptian Army has not been able to get control over Sinai since Hosni Mubarak was deposed two and a half years ago. Apparently there's  been a huge buildup of weaponry there while the Muslim Brotherhood was in power. Now the Army will have to pay a price if it wants to regain control. You can bet that they won't be too quick to let this happen again.

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