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Friday, June 07, 2013

US bunker buster destroys Fordo replica

The United States has used a bunker buster to destroy a replica of an unnamed underground nuclear facility - clearly meant to be Iran's Fordo uranium enrichment facility - according to a report in Friday's Yedioth Aharonoth.
The Pentagon has recently completed a series of field exercises on US soil as part of which a replica of an underground nuclear facility was destroyed, Yedioth Ahronoth reported Friday. 
The tests were declared a resounding success having exceeded all expectations. 
The results of the experiment were relayed to friendly nations with the aim of reassuring them as to the US's ability to destroy Iranian nuclear facilities in a single strike.
It was also meant to convey that the US is serious in its intentions to attack Iran should circumstances allow it.
The experiment included the firing of several bunker buster bombs first introduced by the US Defense Department in July 2012. The GBU-57 B bomb is mounted on a B-2 bomber and as part of the experiment penetrated the underground facility's concrete ceilings.
The US has suggested it will manufacture only a limited amount of such bunker busters. Each bomb is estimated at $ 3.5 million and the overall cost of developing the new weapon was $500 million.
The size of the munition is six times greater than any other known bunker buster. It weighs 13 tons and its speed of penetration two times faster than the speed of sound at a rate of accuracy of five meters.
The real question appears to be not whether the United States can do it, but whether Obama will have the guts to pull the trigger. Or whether Chuck Hagel will have the guts to do it while Obama is on the golf course.

What could go wrong?

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