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Friday, June 28, 2013

The 'sword of Damocles' has been picked up by the other side

For years now, we've been told that the 'inexorable' growth of the Arab population would 'inevitably' lead Israel to a Hobson's choice between being a Jewish and a democratic state. Although the myth has been debunked many times before, it continues to be espoused by politicians, including recently by Barack Hussein Obama and John FN Kerry, who are trying to prove the 'necessity' of a 'Palestinian state.'

In Thursday's Boston Globe, Jeff Jacoby debunks the myth again, but then goes on to remind us why it's important for the 'peace process' to recognize that the 'demographic time bomb' is a myth.
Is the “peace process” is worth pursuing? Would a two-state solution end the conflict? These demographic trends can’t answer such questions. What they can do is remove the artificial pressure on Israel to do something — anything — before the sword of Damocles falls. And maybe, just maybe, they can open a few eyes among those who have been waiting, like Arafat, for “the womb of the Arab woman” to put an end to the Jewish state. Israel, now home to nearly half of the world’s Jews, is a permanent fact of life in the Middle East. Any genuine peace process starts with the acceptance of that reality.
Indeed. If anything, it's the Jewish population that's now holding that sword.

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