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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Republican Jewish Coalition statement on Samantha Power nomination

The Republican Jewish Coalition has issued a statement in reaction to the announcement that Samantha Power has been nominated to replace Susan Rice at the United Nations, as Rice is moving up to the National Security Council.
In 2008, as an academic who taught at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, Samantha Power suggested  that the U.S. should invade Israel militarily to impose a settlement to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and protect “a new state of Palestine.” Her writing and public appearances reflected her views that special-interest lobbies in this country (read, the “Israel lobby”) have too great an impact on our foreign policy in the Middle East.
More recently, she served as the first director of President Obama’s new Atrocity Prevention Board. In her months in that role, the APB was silent about the thousands of civilians killed by the Syrian government, the attacks by the Sudanese government of the Nuba tribes in South Sudan, and other crises around the world. The APB has no web site or social media presence, and has not responded to letters from human rights activists and genocide scholars regarding ongoing atrocities.
Sounds like she'll fit right in the Obama White House and the United Nations.
But her bit of nastiness seems to be tinged with a bit of anti-Semitism as well.

When concerns arose in 2008 regarding Barack Obama and his views towards
Israel it generated wrath from Ms. Power, who was a key foreign policy adviser to candidate Obama. She let loose in a radio interview while in Europe, "So much of it is about: 'Is he going to be good for the Jews?"  Her writings and sayings are laced with more of anti-Semitism.
She even went so far as to call Israelis "bastards"

She even promoted Palestinian propaganda that a massacre was committed in Jenin-even telling off a New York Times reporter (!) who did not agree with her view

She also wanted to impose a settlement on Israel, backed up with the placement of US troops (Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel thinks likewise, btw).

Her adherence to the Soros-funded principle of Responsibility to Protect as an international policy can be used as a cudgel against Israel when it comes to the Palestinians and any actions Israel may be compelled to take in Lebanon to defend herself from Hezb'allah (now busy committing war crimes in Syria at the behest of the mullahs in Iran).

Ms. Power also derided concerns about Iran's nuclear weapons program in a Time magazine column, stating that it was a figment of the imagination conjured up and promoted by George Bush to gin up pressure on Iran . She counseled, what else, outreach and engagement not further pressure. She will be great at the United Nations: great for Iran, great for Hezb'llah, great for Hamas.

She will be widely welcomed in that hotbed of hatred.
What could go wrong?

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