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Saturday, June 08, 2013

'Palestinian' economy minister walks out of BDS conference, security guards beat up participant

This should be spread far and wide among the BDS'ers. 'Palestinian' Minister of the Economy Jawad al-Nawad was asked to leave a BDS conference in Bethlehem on Saturday, after he verbally abused a man who asked a question at the conference. When the conference ended, Nawad's 'security guards' were waiting outside for the questioner, who was beaten and subsequently hospitalized.
Eyewitnesses reported that when one of the participants, Nizar Banat, asked the minister why PA President Mahmoud Abbas and the PA were continuing to conduct security coordination with Israel while fighting "normalization" with Israelis.
In response, the angry minister called on the activist to to "stop barking." The minister's remark drew sharp criticism from the participants, who demanded that he leave the conference instantly.
When the moderator asked the minister, to apologize, al-Naji walked out of the conference. One of the participants said that PA security officers and Fatah "thugs" later beat Banat as he walked out of the conference.
Banat was taken to hospital, where he was being treated for bruises, the participant said. He said that at least seven men attacked him shortly after he left the conference hall. "They tried to pull me out of a car," he said. "When I resisted,they dragged me out and beat me." He added that some of the attackers were aides to the minister.
She said that PA security officers also started searching the mobile phones of some participants to make sure they had not filmed the confrontation between Banat and the minister.
Nice people. Just imagine what it will be like if they ever - God forbid - get a 'state.'


I now have partial video of the incident here

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