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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

'Palestinian Authority' wanted Falk fired

A Wikileaks cable shows that in 2010, the 'Palestinian Authority' asked that UN 'human rights council' special envoy Richard Falk be fired... because he was too pro-Hamas (Hat Tip: Elder of Ziyon). The cable was written by Douglas Griffiths, then the American charge d'affaires in Geneva.
PA May Call for Special Rapporteur Falk's Dismissal
¶8. (C) Also on February 16, in a separate conversation with Charge and PolCouns, PA DPR Zuhairi was visibly upset by Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in the OPT Richard Falk's reference to Hamas in his draft report. In para 8, Falk states that UNGA resolution 64/10 calls on Hamas - vice the PA - to undertake investigations. Zuhairi argued that he had too often corrected Falk's many errors and that this latest misguided effort by Falk had gone too far. Zuhairi said he might use the February 18 HRC organizational meeting to seek to block Falk's report from being presented to the HRC on the grounds that Falk overstepped his mandate, had addressed issues outside his brief, and had failed to appropriately recognize a UNGA resolution (not to mention the legitimate authority of the Pa). Zuhairi also said he wished Falk would drop his repeated suggestions that Israel's actions in the OPT be equated with the Holocaust. Such language has allowed Israel to justify its refusal to allow Falk to visit, and has limited his usefulness as a rapporteur.
¶9. (C) In light of the reference to Hamas, Zuhairi said he had called Falk personally and asked him to step down, something Falk angrily rejected. Zuhairi sought our advice on how best to approach the issue, particularly in light of currently OIC and African Group attempts to censure the secret detention study. Charge and PolCouns, while acknowledging the problem of recognizing Hamas, told Zuhairi that the U.S. defended the independence of the special procedures mandate holders and that we objected to state's use of the code of conduct as a means to muzzle rapporteurs.
In other words, Falk is so anti-Israel that choosing him shoots the 'Palestinian' cause in the foot. Heh.

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