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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Let's hear it for my favorite British columnist

Melanie Phillips is the only hope that Britain has not gone completely mad. Miriam Shaviv interviews Melanie in a lengthy piece in Wednesday's Times of Israel.
What is it exactly that drives her opponents so crazy? Many of her views are politically incorrect, but she is not the only one to hold them. Perhaps it is her blunt style; she is routinely accused of hyperbole, hysteria and anger.
Phillips thinks she is hated because she is an “apostate.”
“I was considered to be a signed-up member of the liberal left. I departed and they won’t forgive me,” she says.
Her journey makes the left feel insecure about its own positions, she adds.
“The left is obsessed by me because it knows this right-wing label they’ve pinned on me isn’t true,” she says, settled into a large armchair in her central London apartment. “Where I stand is the true left. I remain where I was originally – standing for a better society, standing up for the vulnerable, fighting oppression and tyranny, standing up for truth against lies. The change was that I came to believe that the people who I thought were on my side in that great battle were on the other side, keeping the poor mired in disadvantage.”
She wrote “Guardian Angel” to show that she wasn’t the creature of caricature.
“It was important to set the record straight,” she says. “I was being so misunderstood and misrepresented, it was getting in the way of my ability to convey what I was trying to say.”

I've met Melanie several times here in Israel (and I once met her getting off a British Airways flight from London in Tel Aviv - she walks so fast it was difficult keeping up with her on the way to passport control :-). She's definitely not 'mad' as the British Left likes to call her. She's very sharp and quick, but her opinions are well thought-out.

By far my favorite British columnist. I'm shocked to read that she used to write for al-Guardian....

Read the whole thing.

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At 2:56 PM, Blogger Shy Guy said...

Melanie Phillips is the only hope that Britain has not gone completely mad.

Since she owns a home in Israel and is the author of Londonistan, it's only a question of time before Britains last hope is no longer there to say "I told you so."


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