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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Kerry's entourage to Ramallah to be Jew-free?

If US Secretary of State John FN Kerry wants to visit Ramallah later this week, reports Khaled Abu Toameh, he had better not bring any Jooz with him.
Just last week, for example, a journalist who requested a meeting between Western journalists and a top Palestinian Authority official was told "to make sure there were no Jews or Israelis" among the visitors.
The official's aide went on to explain: "We are sorry, but we do not meet with Jews or Israelis."
Another Palestinian journalist who tried to arrange an interview with a Palestinian Authority official for a European colleague was turned down "because the man's name indicates he is a Jew."
In yet another recent incident, a Palestinian Authority ministry instructed its guards to "prevent Jewish reporters" from attending an event in Ramallah.
It is not clear at this stage if the Palestinian Authority leadership is behind the boycott of Jews and Israelis who seek to meet with its representatives.
What is clear is that Palestinian Authority officials do not hesitate to state in public that they do not want to meet with any Jew or Israeli.
The Palestinian Authority representatives assume that if you are a Jew, then you must be pro-Israel or anti-Palestinian.
The only people with whom they want to meet are those who support the Palestinians and do not ask difficult questions.
Israeli journalists have actually been banned from the 'Palestinian Authority.' Someone ought to ask Jodi Rudoren (New York Times) and Sheera Frankel (McClatchy) if they hope to make it to Ramallah with John Kerry this week.

No word yet on whether Christians will be allowed in. But 'peace' is at hand.

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At 4:21 PM, Blogger Empress Trudy said...

Kerry is a mischling by Hitler's standards. He might not have been sent to a camp but he certainly would have been oppressed and repressed. Since Hamas is no different than the Nazis they should treat him the same, if only to see the stupid look on his face.

At 5:26 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Now that's 'apartheid' Middle Eastern style.

Obama's vision for the new world?


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