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Friday, June 28, 2013

Israeli boots on the ground in Iran?

You might recall that when Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel was here in April, an arms deal with Israel was announced. One element of the deal was up to eight V-22 Ospreys, an aircraft that can land like a helicopter and carry two dozen special operations forces with their gear over long distances at aircraft speeds. At the time, we were told it would be used for search and rescue missions in case Israeli pilots bombing Iranian nuclear facilities were shot down. But USA Today reports that there's more to it than that (Hat Tip: Lance K).
The Osprey "is the ideal platform for sending Israeli special forces into Iran," says Kenneth Pollack, a former CIA analyst now at the Brookings Institution's Saban Center for Middle East Policy.
The aircraft could help solve Israel's inability to breach Iran's uranium enrichment facility buried under a granite mountain at Fordow. It might be impregnable to even the heaviest conventional bunker-busting munitions in the U.S. arsenal, Pollack said. Israeli military planners have been brainstorming how to conduct an effective operation, Pollack said, citing conversations with senior Israeli military officers.
"One of the possibilities is (Israel) would use special forces to assault the Fordow facility and blow it up," Pollack said.


Other parts of the arms package include Boeing's KC-135 "Stratotanker," which can refuel Ospreys and other aircraft while airborne and extend the tilt-rotor aircraft's 426-mile range almost indefinitely. The deal also includes anti-radiation missiles that are used to target air defense systems, and advanced radars for Israel's fleet of F-15 fighter jets, according to a Defense Department press release.
That equipment would increase Israel's capabilities against Iran, said Ely Karmon, a senior research scholar at the Institute for Counter-Terrorism at The Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, Israel.
The refueling equipment would extend the reach of Israeli special forces, which could be used against Iran as they were in Israel's attack on a Syrian nuclear facility under construction in 2007, Karmon said.
In the 2007 attack, at least one Israeli team was on the ground to provide laser targeting of sophisticated air munitions, Karmon said. "The same would be done for Iranian sites."
 Hmmm. Read the whole thing.

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At 4:38 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

I don't know Carl, Is it wise to even talk about such a daring assault?
It is wise to trust the Obama admin now that they're talking to Hamas, who knows Israeli special forces might end up like Seal team 6 in Afghanistan.
If I were Israel I wouldn't inform the Obama admin of any future 'actions'.

At 11:25 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

Well, the interactions between Israel and the Obama Progressive Democrats is beyond my pay grade, but something I do know is that the Osprey V-22 rocks. Many science/engineering teams (maybe Israelis, too, not sure) have worked on it for a very long time and I'm glad our ally Israel will have it. It will be interesting to see what your IDF strategy/tactics guys come up with employing it.

At 8:16 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

I would not compromise Israels future by exposing how things are done why or when to Obamas people. Safety, wisdom and swiftness to all of you young heroes of mine however. May Hashem give you clear seeing and make all of my nations enemies blind and inept.

At 7:18 PM, Blogger Jewish Defence League UK said...

What Nazi Mullah Hagel wants to do is to destroy Israel's capability to defend herself, as he and O is doing to the US too. They are putting them in harm's way, and using Israelis to protect American interests.

But Egypt does not have to do anything for its well over $4billion in arms aid.


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