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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Girl carries 'Palestinian' flag at Texas graduation

I went to a private Jewish school in the US, and because of that, we had both the Israeli and American flags at graduation. But at the public schools, it was always either the US flag, or the US flag and the state flag, never anyone else's.

Times are changing. Now, a girl who gets a public education in Texas (of all states!) doesn't have to be loyal to the Untied States. Now, she can be loyal to 'Palestine' instead. She can feel 'Palestinian' rather than American (Hat Tip: Jack W).
Abdallahi told him that US foreign policy should not define which students are permitted to participate in the flag ceremony and insisted that students from all backgrounds be entitled to equal treatment, whether they be from North Korea or an indigenous American tribal nation.
That may be true. But why should the flag of any other country be at a public American high school graduation?
Hadley assured her that he would make his decision based solely on the high school’s mission and eventually agreed to have Palestine represented at the ceremony. “We will buy you a flag and if someone gets upset, we’ll deal with it,” he said, according to Abdallahi. “It’s your graduation and you have a right to represent your heritage.”

Abdallahi was overjoyed. “I cried. I felt so Palestinian. You can go to Palestine or any other place and eat their food and breathe their air, but it’s not until you do something in their name that you feel that pride.” And so, Abdallahi marched through the Fort Worth Convention Center on 8 June, carrying the Palestinian flag. It was a small victory but not an insignificant one.
This is unbelievable, and it's going to come back to bite the United States in ways that many of you cannot even understand yet.

If this bothers you, you might want to contact the administration of Fossil Ridge High School in Fort Worth Texas and let them know how you feel.

Read the whole thing and weep for what America has become.

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Fossil Ridge High School? Yes, they will be that soon enough..


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