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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

'Equality under the law' on Temple Mount: Mufti detained for causing riot, 5 Jews detained for praying on Temple Mount

This is surely 'equality under the law.' Five Jews were detained on Wednesday for praying on the Temple Mount. And the Mufti of Jerusalem was detained for causing a riot.
Some fifteen Muslim worshipers threw chairs at security forces Tuesday, lightly injuring two police officers after they arrested an Arab youth who allegedly disturbed the peace and yelled at Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount.
The detaining of Hussein came on the 46th Jerusalem Day, which commemorates the capital’s reunification in 1967 following the Six Day War.
Five Jewish men were also detained at the Temple Mount on Wednesday for attempting to pray at the site.
Police stated that Muslim worshipers began gathering and yelling at the Jewish men, but they were escorted away by Wakf Muslim religious officials and calm was restored.
Adnan Husseini, the Palestinian Authority-appointed governor of Jerusalem and a former head of the Wakf, came out harshly agaist Hussein's detention on Wednesday, saying, "While gangs of settlers terrorize Palestinian families all over the city, Occupation forces arrest [the] Mufti of Jerusalem.”
Husseini stated that the Palestinian leadership denounces Israel’s "illegal detention" of the mufti and calls for his immediate release.
And on this, the 46th Jerusalem Day (the anniversary of the date during the Six-Day War on which the Old City of Jerusalem was liberated), one must wonder more than ever: Is the Temple Mount truly in our hands?

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At 4:04 PM, Blogger OnlineCommentingGuy said...

Clearly, it is truly not.

At 10:49 PM, Blogger muman613 said...

Carl, Do you read my posts on JTF? I just posted Rabbi Kahane's Z'tl speech 'Is the Temple mount truly in our hands?' on that site... I too ask why Jews are persecuted at our most holy site every day, and muslim punks desecrate it with their riots..

It is time to take what is ours.


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