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Friday, April 12, 2013

US slammed for not helping 14-year old attempted murderer

A 'Palestinian' is seething that the United States is not doing enough to help his 14-year old son. The boy, who was born in New Orleans, has been arrested for attempted murder for throwing stones at Israeli cars.
The IDF says that the age of detainees is irrelevant when set against the fact that throwing stones can kill, but human rights groups have condemned such jailings nonetheless.
Muhammad Khalak was accused, along with two other youths, of pelting both military and civilian vehicles outside the village of Silwad.
The case was adjourned until next week.
Khalak’s father Abdulwahab accused the United States of not doing enough to help his son.
“The US government is obligated to do something for us, but it doesn’t even care. They’ve lost the issue somewhere in their back pocket,” he said, adding that consular authorities had visited the boy but not promised any help.
The US Consulate in Jerusalem declined to comment, citing American privacy laws. A US State Department spokesman in Washington on Wednesday said he was unaware of the case.
Abdulwahab said his son, born in New Orleans, was maltreated and had his teeth braces broken during the course of his arrest in the early hours of April 5 in which, he said, heavily armed soldiers entered the family home.
The IDF declined to comment on the accusations.
Boo. Hoo. He's an attempted murderer. Since his father cannot or will not prevent him from being a menace to society, he should be locked up in a place where other people will be safe from him. 

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At 4:59 PM, Blogger michael said...

Of course the 'Human Rights' groups complain. It's not their children in danger. And to thes PC types,Jewish blood has no value.


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