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Friday, April 05, 2013

This is rich: 'Israeli Arab' MK denounces Israel as an 'apartheid state,' Israeli destroys him

I'm just curious: How many black members of the South African parliament were there during apartheid? Anyone know? I'm going to guess that there were none, in an apartheid regime, the oppressed party would have no representation in the government.

Meet Jamal Zahalka. Jamal is an 'Israeli Arab' Knesset member. You would think that someone who is a Knesset member would have a bit of a hard time arguing that Israel is an apartheid state. But you're wrong. That's precisely the argument Jamal made in a speech in Toronto last week.
According to a report in Shalom Toronto, MK Jamal Zahalka (Balad) made the remarks during an appearance at the “Palestine House” in Toronto in honor of the Arab Land Day, which was marked on March 30.
The report said that MK Zahalka's lecture, which was entitled "Exposing the secrets of Israeli democracy”, focused on trying to disprove what he said is the "myth" of the existence of a genuine democratic government in Israel.
"The Palestinian dream is apartheid, let us have apartheid in one country, it is better for us than to be refugees," said Zahalka, adding, that in his view, the “Palestinian tragedy” is expressed in the Zionist leadership’s pursuit to establish a Jewish state, which tried to establish democratic rule by expelling Arabs. "We do not want this democracy. Take it away. It’s very dangerous for us,” he said.
The myth of Israeli democracy is expressed, according to Zahalka, by presenting an image to the outside world, according to which there is rule of law, allowing general elections, voting privileges for all, active political parties and discussion in the Knesset to approve proposed laws.
However, beneath the surface, he alleged, there is discrimination by the Israeli establishment against Arabs, the most outstanding manifestations of it being expressed in the expropriation of land belonging to PA Arabs, in the Law of Return granting the right to citizenship to Jews only, in the prevention of family reunification of spouses of PA Arabs when one spouse is a resident of the Palestinian Authority and the other is a resident of Israel, and in empowering local communities to establish committees to filter requests by PA Arabs.
He ignored the fact that Israeli Arabs have the right to vote, serve in the Knesset, study in Israeli universities, share the same hospitals and public facilities, work alongside Israeli Jews - and that PA residents have perpetrated terrorist acts that have killed thousands of Israelis.
Here is one woman's response to Zahalka. It's excellent (Hat Tip: Varda N).
Dear MK Zahalka:

If Israel is an apartheid country, how did you ever manange to get into Hebrew University or be elected to the Knesset?

Israel did not transfer the Arabs in 1948. Israel expelled some Arabs after five Arab states rejected the UN partition plan and attacked Israel. Other Arabs left voluntarily, thinking Israel would be defeated in a week and they could come back and loot Jewish property. This is called "betting on the wrong horse."

Israel has no "Law of Return" for Arabs because they don't want the Arabs walking in and turning the country into one more Arab state where Jews can't set foot. Pakistan has no law of return for the Hindus it expelled. India has no law of return for the Moslems it expelled. Czechoslavakia has no law of return for the ethnic Germans it expelled. Canada has no law of return for the French it expelled. (Remember Longfellow's poem Evangeline?) Spain has no law of return for the Moors it expelled. None of the Arab states have any law of return for the Jews they expelled. I don't remember you denouncing any of them as apartheid.

Incidentally, MK Zahalka, do you know what will happen to you if you ever get your wish and Israel is, G-d forbid, defeated by the Arabs? The fanatic who take over will view you, because you served in the Knesset, as an Uncle Tom at best, a Quisling at worst. They will shoot you. Keep that in mind.

Respectfully yours,

Miranda Rose Smith


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