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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Saudi 'non-suspect' in Boston terror attack being deported on national security grounds

That Saudi 'person of interest' who was a 'non-suspect' in the Boston Marathon terror attack is being deported back to Saudi Arabia on national security grounds next Tuesday.

Here's Steve Emerson on the Sean Hannity show talking about it.

Let's go to the videotape.

Jim Hoft, who has much more on this story, reports that President Obama met with the Saudi foreign minister on Wednesday. The meeting was not on the President's public schedule (Hat Tip: Shy Guy). Robert Spencer explains why:
Why deported and not prosecuted? To keep our "allies" the Saudis happy. After all, Al-Harbi has numerous jihad terror connections, as well as friends in high places.
Was this the deal that was worked out between John Kerry and the Saudis at their meeting yesterday that was suddenly closed to the press?
When the Americans stop kissing up to the Saudis, America and the rest of the world will be safer. Don't expect that to happen while Hussein Obama is in office (although admittedly, George W. Bush did the same thing in the aftermath of 9/11).

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