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Thursday, April 04, 2013

Pot calls kettle black: Ugly Betty sues Haaretz

Convicted thief Anat Kam, who got off a lot easier than she deserved, is suing Haaretz and reporter Uri Blau for NIS 2.6 million for publishing the material that she gave them.
According to media reports, Kam claims that Haaretz's decision to publish pictures of some of the classified documents, without consulting with her, along with some of the articles based on those documents, was what caused the Shin Bet to suspect her.
More specifically, the Shin Bet was able to figure out from the specific documents that were published that the leak came from inside the office of the IDF commander of the homefront.
The lawsuit also claims Blau violated his responsibilities toward Kam by turning over certain documents only with the condition that they not be used legally against the originator of the leaks, without also adding the condition that they not be used investigatively to determine who leaked the documents, said the reports.
Ilan Bombach's office confirmed that it had filed the lawsuit on Kam's behalf.
Kam gave Blau 1,800 classified IDF documents on a USB key. What did she think he was going to do with them?

The lawyer who filed this one ought to be sanctioned for wasting the court's time. 

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