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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Norway funding the US Left

We've known for a while now that the Norwegian government supports 'Palestinian' and Leftist Israeli NGO's. It turns out that Israel is not the only country where the Norwegians are attempting to practice thought control. According to this report, Norway has been a big supporter of US Leftist 'think tanks' like Think Progress and the Brookings Institute.
Newspaper Aftenposten reported on Wednesday that around NOK 250 million (USD 43 million) from the ministry’s foreign aid (bistand) budget was sent to some 40 organizations in the US in 2011 alone. About half of it, according to a confidential state report obtained by Aftenposten, was sent further to developing countries, but the rest stayed with organizations including The Brookings Institution and the Center for American Progress.
Aftenposten reported that the internal document, which had been withdrawn from the public domain, was ordered by the ministry and written last year by the Norwegian Peace Building Resource Center, which was established as an independent organization by the ministry itself in 2008. Its report offers an overview of how the Norwegian government is trying to buy influence among US organizations that in turn can influence US policy in Washington. The organizations mostly conduct research, foreign aid projects of their own and environmental protection.
The Brookings Institution, a long-established think tank that aims to strengthen American democracy along with economic and social welfare, received NOK 10 million over a three-year period for studies on changes in the balance of international influence. The New America Foundation received NOK 580,000 to study regional dimensions in the conflict Afghanistan, including relations with Iran. The Center for American Progress, a major think tank for the Democratic Party, received NOK 1.3 million to look at fairness in the workplace. The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, meanwhile, received NOK 3.5 million in 2010 for peace research in Latin America.
The list goes on, with the resource center’s report noting that only the governments of Qatar and the United Arab Emirates have given more money to the various organizations in the US, according to Aftenposten.
 But don't worry: All that money being sent to the US isn't distracting the Norwegians from their real mission.
The money sent to the US organizations accounts for a fairly small percentage of Norway’s foreign aid budget, which amounted to NOK 27 billion last year. The five largest recipients of Norwegian foreign aid in 2011 were, according to the most recent figures available, Afghanistan, Tanzania, Palestine, Somalia and Mozambique.
I wonder whether the US Federal Election Commission might take a look at how much Norwegian money went to the Obama campaign.

What a silly thought....

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At 6:09 PM, Blogger Alexander said...

Therefore the israeli NGO-Monitor was correct about controlling the financing of pro-palestinian NGO's in Israel.

Pro-palestinian NGO's are anti-israelian NGO's and a threat to our country.


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