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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

MK's reject US demand to release 'Palestinian' terrorists

Knesset members at Wednesday's session rejected a US demand that Israel free 'Palestinian' terrorists as a 'goodwill gesture' to the 'Palestinian Authority.'
After the Knesset discussed America's demand that Israel release terrorists as a good will gesture to the Palestinian Authority on Wednesday, Deputy Minister Ofir Akunis promised that there is no government decision to release the terrorists and that the government is against any such release.
He called for the return to peace talks without pre-conditions while emphasizing that the West Bank is not conquered territory but the birthright of the Jewish nation. 
Knesset MK Orit Struk from the Bayit Yehudi party said, "the demand is shocking, not just because the peace talks must begin without preconditions, and not just because of the danger that these terrorists will return to terrorist activity once they are released, but because the release of terrorists is an energizing shot of encouragement to terror and terrorists."
"Every release like this," she continued, "causes potential terrorists to make the decision to become one, because they see that they will be given support."
Struk added, "is the America that is asking Israel to release terrorists the same America that has carried the flag in the struggle against terrorism and who recently experienced the hands of terror in their house?!"
There's a list of some of the terrorists involved and their crimes here. It's been nine days since the Boston Marathon terror attack.And this is how Obama has Israel's back.. with a knife.

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