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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It's shameful! John Kerry's Magical Mystical Moral Equivalence tour

I'm sorry but because I am in mourning, I cannot post the song you all would have expected me to post after seeing that title. But the cartoon is courtesy of the Jewish Press.

Seth Mandel takes down US Secretary of State John FN Kerry's shameful moral equivalence.
The armed Turkish invaders Kerry has developed such sympathy for were on a ship funded by a terrorist organization with ties to Hamas and other jihadist groups seeking to challenge Israel’s navy in order to help Hamas. If they were victims at all, it was of their own violent ideology. Though we don’t know yet what motivated the Tsarnaev brothers to perpetrate the monstrous bombing they are believed to have carried out and the additional ones law enforcement officials believe they were planning, the biographical picture beginning to emerge paints at least the elder of the two as “increasingly militant” in his Muslim faith.
But whether the Tsarnaevs were inspired by Islamic radicalism at all is beside the point in the case of Kerry’s comments. The victims in Boston were victims of a brutal and murderous attack; the “victims” to whom Kerry compared them were in the act of carrying out their own attack. Kerry’s comments also put Israelis trying to contain a terrorist enclave next door on the same moral plane as those terrorists and their allies.
Perhaps Kerry misspoke. If not, his worldview is warped, dangerous, and dishonorable. The same administration officials who nudged Netanyahu to apologize to Erdogan should pay a visit to Kerry. The secretary of state owes a round of apologies thanks to his inauspicious start as America’s chief diplomat.
It might have been acceptable to compare the IHH terrorists to the Tsarnaevs since both groups were militant Islamic terrorists. But what Kerry said was much worse. By comparing the Boston Marathon victims to the IHH terrorists, he essentially compared the Israeli Navy to the Tsarnaevs. He called the Israeli Navy terrorists. That's why people here are furious with him.

And Bostonians should be furious with him for comparing their citizens who were murdered and wounded to a group of terrorists on the high seas. But for some reason, this story doesn't seem to be getting as much play in the US as it is here.

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