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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Israeli 'defense officials' make their own policy

Am I the only one who sees a difference between making a proposal to your boss and leaking it to the media to pressure your boss to implement it? For some reason, unnamed 'defense officials' (who are presumably not the minister or the deputy minister) think that leaking their proposals for appeasing the 'Palestinians' to the media is acceptable behavior (Hat Tip: Shy Guy).
The list, consisting of measures that are intended to appease Palestinians but will not compromise Israel's security, was submitted to ministerial officials, but whether it will be implemented has yet to be determined.
The document offers that ammunition will be handed to the PA, including crowd dispersal measures, and that permits to open new Palestinian police stations be granted.

The document also included a list of 30-40 Palestinian prisoners, most of whom ill or elderly, who can be released without posing a risk to the State's security, in the eyes of defense officials.
That was one of the arguments used to release Sheikh Yassin in the '90's. He gave orders for Hamas suicide bombings for years until Israel liquidated him.

The proposal further suggests that Israel support the development of Palestinian villages, industry and roads, including the construction of a road around Ramallah and the improvement of the authority's infrastructure.

According to sources with the defense establishment, the measures will achieve Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas an advantage with his people.  
Why should we be supporting a dictator whose four-year term expired more than four years ago? For that matter, why should we be paying for the construction of the infrastructure of a 'Palestinian state' - which will be dedicated to our destruction. Let them pay for it themselves from all their 'aid money' that they get from the 'international community.'
Last week, senior officials have insisted that Israel had no intention of granting any appeasement measures until peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians were resumed.
And that's why they're taking their 'proposals' to the media and not to their bosses. 

The Mattot Arim organization is outraged (via email): 

Civil servants in the Defense Ministry/IDF, who are supposed to be non-political, are instead hard at work promoting their own favorite pro-Palestinian concessions.

They even brazenly publicized their initiatives: http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4369625,00.html:

These civil servants are promoting the following terrible ideas (have they learned nothing??)

a, supplying more ammunition to the Palestinians

b. giving Palestinians permission to build more "police stations" (military camps i.e.)

c. releasing 30-40 life-sentenced terrorists next month (!)

d. MOST DANGEROUS OF ALL: allowing Palestinians to build up (i.e. gain footholds in) the Israeli part of Judea and Samaria -- right next to all the Jewish communities -- rather than building in the large areas the Palestinians already took over as a result of the Oslo accords!! (the Hebrew article, but not the English translation, explains this last point; so if you read Hebrew, you can see it here: http://www.ynet.co.il/articles/0,7340,L-4368580,00.html).
For those wondering why these employees are not fired (even assuming they could be identified)... most of them are unionized and cannot be fired!

What could go wrong?

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