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Friday, April 05, 2013

Hmmm... Why would a ship be carrying 45 tons of weapons off the coast of Egypt?

I want to put this in perspective. 45 tons is an awful lot of weapons. By comparison, the Karine A, the weapons ship that was sent to the 'Palestinians' a number of years ago, which was considered huge, was carrying 50 tons.

Egyptian forces have forced a Togolese ship carrying 45 tons of weapons into one of Egypt's Red Sea ports. But there are more unknowns than known facts about this ship.
Egyptian navy forces captured a Togo flagged ship carrying heavy weapons as it entered Egyptian waters in the Red Sea late on Wednesday, three security sources told Reuters on Thursday.
The ship spent a week in international waters before entering Egyptian waters where the ship was escorted into the port of Safaga, 569 km (356 miles) southeast of Cairo, according to the sources.
The origin and facts surrounding the seizure remain unclear amid contradicting reports. Now Lebanon reported that the ship was Iranian.
The ship's cargo contained 45 ton of weapons including land mines, automatic rifles, and hand grenades, according to the Aswat Masriya website. The website also stated that Americans and Britons were among the crew members.
According to the Egyptian newspaper Al Masry Al Youm, Egypt arrested 14 crew members and a second boat with 4 people on board. Both boats are owned by a Ukranian security firm.
"The weapons and ammunition seized in the vessel are linked to the nature of their work and the tasks assigned to them to secure commercial vessels," General staff spokesman Ahmed Mohamed Ali stated on his Facebook page.
Ships often hire private security firms to defend themselves from Somali pirates.
 I suspect we will be hearing a lot more about this one....

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At 3:22 AM, Blogger Sunlight said...

An article I put on my FB wall said **60,000** items on there. And the*Egyptian navy* towed the ship in because it broke down. Otherwise, they would never have known. So 2 questions:

1) Do they turn over the booty to the Muslim Brotherhood bosses to ship into Gaza to keep working at killing Jews?

2) Seriously, how big are the arms shipments that don't get stopped and/or publicized.

And actually, 3) Is this part of the Hillary2016 gunrunning arms shipment from the Libya stockpile? (Or is it Iran)

At 9:23 AM, Blogger Shy Guy said...

"Why would a ship be carrying 45 tons of weapons off the coast of Egypt?"

To get to the other side.



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