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Thursday, April 04, 2013

Day after day... 'Palestinians' throw stones at Magen David Adom ambulances

Maybe we should just let injured 'Palestinians' die if their comrades continue to behave this way....

Jameel reports on a recent outbreak of incidents in which Magen David Adom ambulances have been stoned.
In what has become a daily occurrence, Palestinians are routinely throwing rocks at Magen David Adom ambulances,  smashing windshields and seriously endangering the MDA medical crews. 

Despite that MDA ambulances and medics treat wounded without bias to race or religion, Palestinians target these life saving efforts, even when the wounded are Palestinians.

Over the past few days:
Continue reading here. I think it's absurd for emergency workers to have to risk their lives to save the same savages who are assaulting them. 

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