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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

CBS News confirms Saudi national being questioned in connection with Boston Marathon terror attack

For all those who didn't believe it when I posted it from the New York Post and the Daily Mail, CBS News is now confirming that Boston police are holding a Saudi national for questioning in connection with Monday's terror attack at the Boston Marathon finish line.
Following the twin blasts at the Boston Marathon that has claimed two lives and dozens injured, a Saudi national is being held in custody in relation to the incident who was near the scene of the blast, CBS News correspondent John Miller reported.

Law enforcement sources told Miller a witness saw a person acting suspiciously when the explosions happened along the marathon route.
"They see him running away from the device," said Miller. "Now, a reasonable person would be running away. But this person had noticed him before. This is a civilian -- chases him down, tackles him, turns him over to the Boston police. The individual is being looked at [and] was suffering from burn injury. That means this person was pretty close to wherever this blast went off, but not so close as to suffer the serious injuries that other people did."
He's not technically under arrest. That means they don't have to read him his Miranda warnings and they don't have to find a lawyer to represent him.
Authorities told Miller that the person in custody is not charged and not under arrest. He is being cooperative, answering their questions, and denying involvement. They'll likely be going over this person's communications and examine every aspect of his life, as well as talk to the witness who tackled him to find out what the person of interest did that seemed suspicious.
"So if that individual pans out that," said Miller, "that of course,it gives the case a big jump forward. If not, then they're back to physical evidence, forensics, witnesses, and whatever they can pick up on those surveillance cameras."
 I don't see any Buddhists who were involved in this attack....

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At 9:37 AM, Blogger Shy Guy said...

Seriously, no one knows at this point.


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