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Thursday, March 28, 2013

World Bank doing what 'Palestinian Authority' should do

Only the 'Palestinians' get these kinds of individualized benefits from the 'international community.' Since the 'Palestinian Authority' is too busy spending its budget on salaries for imprisoned terrorists, the World Bank is going to step in and do what every other government in the world does, or is supposed to do: The World Bank is creating real jobs for 'Palestinians.'
The World Bank wants to help provide 55,000 new part-time job opportunities over the next five years for Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza through an emerging online phenomenon called microwork.

The sophisticated web-based assembly lines allow people anywhere in the world to work from home for global companies by completing micro tasks on the Internet.

The World Bank plans to hold a microwork pilot study in the Palestinian territories, but no exact date has been set.

“Palestinian youth are increasingly tech-savvy, so the potential for IT-based forms of economic engagement, which can cross virtual borders, can be an exciting leap forward,” said Mariam Sherman, the World Bank country director for the West Bank and Gaza.

On Wednesday the bank publicly released a feasibility study, “Microwork for the Palestinian Territories,” that explored the pros and cons of such global outsourcing.

It explained that microwork provides mass employment for people in developing countries, particularly young people and women.

The jobs can be done anywhere at anytime by people with computers or smart phones, according to the report.

“Microwork’s unique value proposition is that it can be performed anywhere at any time across geographical boundaries, using commonly available computers and Internet connections,” said Siou Chew Kuek, ICT policy specialist at the World Bank.

“It is particularly relevant to the Palestinian territories, as it enables local youth and women to access jobs in the global knowledge economy.”
Microwork by day and terrorists by night (or vice versa). Maybe they can even provide jobs for terrorists in Israeli prisons so that they can increase their income beyond their 'Palestinian Authority' salaries.

What could go wrong?

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