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Friday, March 08, 2013

'Without Israel, Cyprus and Saudi Arabia are toast'

Defense strategist Mark Langfan argues that the United States isn't doing Israel any favors by declaring it a 'major strategic ally.' Langfan argues that if Israel were not where it is, the continued independent existence of Cyprus, Saudi Arabia and possibly even Greece could be endangered.
"Without Israel, Cyprus and Saudi Arabia are toast," Langfan told Arutz Sheva, "and they know it."
"Without Israel, oil would be $1,000 a barrel. Without Israel, the US would have to fund an extra $200 billion yearly defense budget to defend southern NATO countries from a Muslim caliphate's northward tsunami."
Following reports of an AIPAC initiative to secure special "strategic ally" status for Israel, Middle East security analyst Langfan said, "Without Israel’s order of battle and very existence, it would be impossible for NATO to defend Greece, let alone Cyprus, from a Turkish/Muslim Brotherhood tidal wave which would lay waste to everything in the eastern Mediterranean.
Whether NATO likes it or not, Israel is a now the heart and soul of NATO’s southeastern flank.”
 Langfan also noted that Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan issued a direct threat on NATO when he warned on September 27, 2011, "I recommend the international community take the necessary lessons from the Battle of Preveza.”
The Battle of Preveza was a 1538 decisive Turkish/Ottoman naval battle against a Papal “Holy League” Pan-Christian Alliance.
“NATO and the entire EU now have an absolute vested interest against the establishment of an autonomous Palestinian state in the 'West Bank,'" Langfan added. "It has become abundantly clear that if such a state was in existence Hamas would smuggle in thousands of Katyusha rockets with chemical warheads that have the power to wipe out the entire Tel Aviv coastal plain that holds 5 million Jews – in one evening."
Read the whole thing.

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