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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Vandalism (and assault) at the World's oldest Jewish cemetery

JPost is spot-on in this editorial about the World's oldest Jewish cemetery: The Mount of Olives.
It is not difficult to imagine the deafening outcry that would have arisen had Jewish stone-throwers attacked Arab mourners and visitors to a major cemetery. The chorus of condemnation would have become shriller yet, had the attacks not been isolated but daily harassment and outright physical endangerment.

It is safe to assume that the violent assailants would have been castigated as despicable racists and that all-out manhunts would have been mounted to apprehend them.

But as it happens, the assailants are Arab while the mourners and visitors are Jewish. Hence there is no outcry, no condemnation, no manhunts and the word “racist” is on nobody’s lips. No one talks about the regular predations on Jews trying to reach Jerusalem’s ancient Mount of Olives Cemetery, regarded by many as the second holiest Jewish site anywhere.

It is almost as if brutal onslaughts and lynching attempts against Jews are only to be expected and even accepted as the norm.

It is a sad testament to an even sadder state of affairs that Diaspora Jews feel obliged to take action to preserve the world’s largest Jewish cemetery, while successive Israeli governments serially fail to stem lawlessness, vandalism and neglect there.
Read the whole thing.  The solution is really quite simple....

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At 6:23 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

One step would be to scream WARCRIME into every microphone, camera, tweet, etc. every time a rocket flies over one of Israel's borders onto civilian areas. EVERY TIME. I've tried for a decade to get Americans to yell it, but my Progressive friends say that it would be irrational to expect Americans to yell about it. And it has gotten hard to pressure it, when Israel sits quietly under rocketfire. I tell my friends this... we sit and watch silently while Jews get rocketed, and then also the Muslim and Christian Arabs, who get killed or injured by the rockets "by accident." And then the whole world sits silent while Christians are slaughtered all over Africa and North Africa. Not a peep. So we need to de-condition people that letting teeny tiny Israel be suicide bombed, rocketed, slaughtered in bed, vandalized, etc. is okay. Because it is not okay and leads to other groomed ignoring of enormous slaughters, even ones armed up by the Obama Team, such as in Mexico. The same Obama Team that is arming up the Muslim Brotherhood, who wants pretty much everybody they don't like to be dead, and Al Qaeda, who killed 3,000 of us one morning. Talk about desensitizing... Al Qaeda being pumped up by the Obama Posse. Ugh.


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