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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

UNDOF 'curtailing' night time patrols

One of the reasons that UNIFIL has been so totally ineffective in preventing Hezbullah from arming itself in southern Lebanon is the fact that they are too scared to patrol at night.

After last week's kidnapping on the Golan Heights UNDOF, which 'observes' the peace along our border with Syria, is apparently heading in the same direction.
The United Nations observers stationed in the Golan Heights have stopped their night patrols along the Syrian-Israeli cease-fire line.
A U.N. spokesman said, Tuesday, that over the weekend, after 21 Philippine observers were freed by their Syrian rebel captors, fire was directed at one of their positions. The spokesman called it a very difficult place to work.
Once again, it is proven that the value of UN 'peacekeepers' is minimal in the face of Arab and Muslim terrorism. For those who believe that UN or other international 'peacekeepers' would ensure peace on a border between Israel and a terrorist state of 'Palestine,' please explain why they would be any different than those on our borders with Syria and Lebanon, or for that matter from the peacekeepers who fled our border with Gaza in 2007 and our border with Egypt in 1967.

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