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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Three times as many Americans think Obama isn't supportive enough of Israel

A new poll indicates that three times as many Americans believe that President Obama is not supportive enough of Israel as believe that he is too supportive of Israel (Hat Tip: Memeorandum).
The proportion of voters who now say the president does not give strong enough backing to Israel is higher than it was in each of three similar surveys conducted for The Hill since May 2011.  Correspondingly, fewer voters now find the White House’s policy excessively supportive of Israel.
According to the latest Hill Poll, just 13 percent of respondents say the president’s policy toward Israel is too supportive. A full 39 percent said Obama is not supportive enough, the highest percentage The Hill Poll has seen. 
Over the past two years, recent surveys for The Hill show a fluctuating number of voters who believe the president needs to express stronger support of Israel.
In a poll for The Hill conducted in May 2011, 27 percent of voters said Obama was too supportive toward Israel, while 31 percent said he was not supportive enough. 
In September 2011, the proportion of voters who said Obama was too supportive of Israel went down,  and those insisting he was not supportive enough increased slightly.
March 2012 saw a slight uptick in the number of respondents who said Obama was too supportive of the Jewish state, to 25 percent, while slightly fewer voters, 32 percent, said the president was not supportive enough.


These findings underline the American public’s concern about Obama’s policy on the Jewish state at a time of heightened fears about Iran’s  nuclear program. Israel has insisted that Iran must be stopped by any means necessary, including a military strike, from obtaining a nuclear weapon. The Obama administration has expressed its preference for a diplomatic solution,  a posture that pro-Israel critics say is insufficiently muscular.
I'd bet that gap gets wider over the next four years. But it doesn't matter anymore because Obama doesn't have to face reelection.

What could go wrong?

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