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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Temple Mount is in our hands?

Likud MK Moshe Feiglin was denied entry to the Temple Mount on Wednesday morning due to intelligence that 'hundreds' of Arab Muslims in the area planned to protest his visit.
Feiglin complained that he was denied entry to the site despite having coordinated his visit with security services, Israel Radio reported. He added that his inability to visit the Temple Mount on Wednesday shows the "sovereignty of the site belongs to the Wakf [Muslim religious administration] and not to Israel."
Construction and Housing Minister Uri Ariel, from the national-religious Bayit Yehudi party, visited the Mount on Monday without a problem.
On Monday, two people were detained by police in Jerusalem as they were making their way to the Temple Mount.
The hard-right political and religious activists Noam Federman and Arye Sunnenberg, intended to go to the Temple Mount and carry out the Jewish ritual of the Passover Sacrifice, involving the slaughter of a lamb.
Although the Supreme Court has upheld Jewish prayer rights on the Temple Mount, the court allows the police to prevent prayer and other forms of worship if they believe that such activity will cause a disturbance of the public order.
The Wakf Muslim religious trust which administers the Temple Mount is fiercely opposed to any non-Muslim prayer there.
Earlier this month, police removed Feiglin from the Temple Mount after the politician demanded entry to the Dome of the Rock, saying he was exercising his rights as a Knesset member.
Once upon a time, the government would have cleared the Temple Mount to make way for an MK to pray there if need be. How the mighty have fallen! (2 Samuel).

(Note: I do not ascend the Temple Mount because my rabbis do not permit it before Messiah's time, but others whose rabbis hold otherwise do ascend the Temple Mount and should be allowed to do so). 

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At 2:03 PM, Blogger HaDaR said...

Unfortunately, חֲנֻפָּה, that is licking-up, with galut has become a national habit instead of something one should even be killed rather than practicing...see Rabbenu Yonah: בספר שערי תשובה (שער ג אות קפח) כתב בעניין מעשה דאגריפס וז"ל, חייב האדם למסור עצמו לסכנה, ואל ישיא את נפשו עוון אשמה כזאת. ואמרו רז"ל על עניין אגריפס שהיה קורא בתורה. וכשהגיע לפסוק זה, חנפו לו לאגריפס. אף כי היושב על המשפט -- אין לו לפחד מאנוש ימות. ויש בחלקי כת החנפים אשר בם החנף נספה ואובד בעוון החנופה לבד

והואמר לרע טוב נקרא "חנף", דאמר רבי אלעזר (סוטה דף מא ע"ב): כל אדם שיש בו חנופה -- אפילו עוברין שבמעי אמן מקללין אותו, שנאמר: אומר לרשע צדיק אתה
(יקבונהו עמים יזעמוהו לאומים (משלי כד כד

All the rabbis (they are MORE guilty, since they cannot be considered tinoqoth shenishbe'ù) who say that it is a good thing that Jews cannot go and observe the Mitswà of Moreh Miqdash, or even for Mitswà Kibbush, since we are in a war of both defense of the land and conquest of it, are just that: חנפנים, adualtors, suckups, brown-nosers.

I think they should meditate well what one of our national poets, Uri Zvi Greemberg said: "The one who rules the Mount, rules the land". Those who are convinced that we cannot or should not rule the land, should just leave it and go back to the Galut they so much live by.


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