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Saturday, March 09, 2013

Spared by the sequester: $20 million for 'Palestinian' hate

The sequester spared over $20 million - enough to keep the White House running for two years - to help out the 'Palestinian Authority.'
The contract’s description:
The overall goal of the program is to build more effective and competent Palestinian Authority (PA) public institutions that are accountable to the public and respond to citizens’ needs. The objectives of this activity are to support the Palestinian Authority (PA) public sector reform efforts by assisting the PA to strengthen the operational and management capability of key ministries and public sector institutions to govern more effectively; improve mechanisms of service provision; strengthen legal and policy formulation processes; enhance the performance of targeted PA institutions, and bolster accountability and oversight mechanisms. This program will support key elements of the PA’s reform and development agenda.
The contract, to Development Alternatives, Inc., was awarded March 4, several days after the Sequester began.
So far, all that money dumped on the 'Palestinians' has done a lot of reforming and good, as seen by the picture above. /sarc.

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