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Monday, March 18, 2013

Something the Haredim and the IDF can agree on: Who wants to use Bar Refaeli?

The Foreign Ministry thought they had a great idea: Use 'supermodel' Bar Refaeli as a spokesperson for a new public relations campaign. The Leftists at the Ministry likely expected - and discounted - objections from the country's Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) community. What they might not have anticipated is objections from the IDF. This is from the first link.
The students decided to make their voices heard in light of the Foreign Ministry's announcement to use the supermodel as the star of a campaign aimed at showing the world that Israel is not just a war-ridden country. 
They drafted a letter in cooperation with the "The Legal Forum for the Land of Israel," which has thus far been sent to Foreign Ministry Director-General Rafi Barak, until a minister is officially appointed.

"We know that Refaeli had a publicized relationship with a gentile actor," said Eyal Cohen, a law student at the Ono Academic College's haredi campus. "And in this way, she certainly doesn't represent the Israeli public."
Cohen's friend, Gilad Israeli, a student at Bar Ilan University, said "Refaeli did not serve in the army and even takes pride in that. Before we offer ourselves up to the world, we need to decide who we are. We have much more to offer than girls playing matkot (Israeli paddleball) on the beach.

"We have a glorious Israeli heritage – in which we must take pride. Trying to be Hollywood 2 won't work."  
The IDF has even stronger objections.
The Foreign Ministry asked Refaeli to participate in an internet campaign to improve Israel's image abroad, prompting a letter of complaint from the IDF, due to the supermodel's not having performed mandatory military service, Channel 2 reported on Sunday.
The IDF Spokesman's Office wrote a letter to the Foreign Ministry complaining that "it would send a negative message to Israeli society if you were to use Bar Refaeli, who did not serve in the IDF, as a representative of the IDF in a public diplomacy campaign abroad."
The letter added that famous people such as Refaeli serve as role models for the youth of Israel.
"Choosing Refaeli for such a campaign sends a message of "forgiveness and ignores the failure to enlist in the IDF and even encourages young people to do so by showing them how those who did not enlist have succeeded."
The Israeli media has reported that Refaeli, 27, evaded military service by marrying a 37-year-old and divorcing him immediately thereafter.
And you thought the Haredim and the IDF couldn't agree on anything, didn't you?

Israel's Foreign Ministry is so Leftist that it's unlikely that they understand what's wrong with using Refaeli. I'll bet Miss Brand Israel has something to do with this.

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