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Monday, March 04, 2013

Ross, Abrams: Military force will be needed to stop Iran

Both Elliott Abrams, and surprisingly, Dennis Ross, implied to the AIPAC conference on Sunday that military force will be necessary to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons.
Diplomats Dennis Ross and Elliot Abrams agreed on a Sunday panel at the AIPAC conference that Iran is successfully deceiving the P5+1 countries in the negotiations over Tehran's nuclear weapon program....

Dennis Ross termed Iran's approach as a "rope-a-dope" strategy. Iran, he said, is playing for time vis-à-vis the P5+1. He suggested that the P5+1 countries "go for an endgame strategy." The idea, he said, is to present Iran with a model for a civilian nuclear program, and ask – do you accept it or not?

At some point, he explained, negotiations have got to clarify whether Iran intends to comply with the P5+1 demands – or the P5+1 might have to adopt a more aggressive approach.

Elliot Abrams said that Iran continues to build up not just its nuke program but also Hizbullah and Assad's army in Syria. Russia and China are playing a game, he said – and these two countries are also a part of the P5+1.

As far as nuclear strategy is concerned, he said, "Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei is doing great. We are not." It is true, he said, that the sanctions program is damaging Iranian economy, "but the goal is to prevent them from achieving a nuclear weapon, and if you fail to do that you have failed."

Denniss Ross said that Binyamin Netanyahu and President Barack Obama "will try to define prevention" when they meet in April. "They want to have a better understanding," he added, "of when does prevention as objective fail, and force become inevitable."
Not to say 'I told you so' but this should have been resolved years ago....

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