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Sunday, March 03, 2013

'Palestinians' claim 'collaborators' killed prisoner

A week ago, a 'Palestinian' named Arafat Jaradat died in Israel's Meggido prison. An autopsy was performed. The 'Palestinians' claimed that Jaradat died of torture, but an autopsy failed to back that claim. The 'Palestinians' have spent the last week rioting, and their terrorist prisoners have spent the last week on hunger strikes, over this issue. Now, in yet another bid to pin Jaradat's death on Israel, the 'Palestinians' are claiming that Jaradat was murdered two days after 'collaborators' elicited a confession from him.
The PA Prisoners Affairs Ministry said that Jaradat died two days after being transferred to a cell where “collaborators” were being held.
According to the ministry, Jaradat was moved to the cell so that the “collaborators” would be able to extract a confession from him after his Israeli interrogators failed to do so.
“Because he did not confess to throwing stones, Jaradat was moved to the collaborators’ cell in prison, where he was physically liquidated two days later,” the ministry said.
In a statement, the ministry claimed that Israel often uses “collaborators” in its prisons to elicit confessions out of security prisoners.
“Occupation courts and the [Israeli] security forces endorse the results of the ‘interrogations’ conducted by the collaborators without checking how confessions are extracted,” the statement said.
Actually, according to Mossab Hassan Yussuf's account of Israeli prisons (including Meggido where he was held), it's not the 'collaborators' who hold sway in the prisons. It's the Hamas leadership.

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