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Friday, March 15, 2013

Palestine Solidarity Commitee PWNed at Harvard

Last Friday, I reported that Harvard University's Palestine Solidarity Committee had distributed eviction notices to Jewish Freshmen and Sophomores. At least one Harvard student, Freshman Sophia Chua-Rubenfeld, is fighting back.
Chua-Rubenfeld, whose father is Jewish and whose mother, Amy, thrust the family into the spotlight several years ago with a book that detailed the rigorous regimen she used to raise her two daughters, is currently a freshman at Harvard.
“Came home this morning to find this fake eviction notice from the Palestinian Solidarity Committee on my door alerting me to the ‘Israeli Apartheid’,” she wrote, continuing, “I find this sick, uninformed, and deeply offensive to peoples who have actually been the victims of racial oppression and genocide.”
“I really couldn’t care less about violations of international law, because the majority of countries voting on international law are anti-Semitic and would love to see Israel destroyed,” she added.
Taking a swing at the offending organization which posted the flyers she continued, “And no, I certainly do not want to attend your film screening, rally, or die-in, which is probably the most tasteless form of protest I can even conceive of.”
“Anyways. Yeah,” she concluded, “keep protesting while Israel cultivates discipline, education, and training, sounds like a great strategy to me.”
I'm glad to hear that there are still students at Harvard who know how to think. 

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