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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hey Obama - in what country is Jerusalem?

President Hussein Obama is going to be in Jerusalem this week (unless the Messiah comes sooner and saves us), and the New York Sun writes that he needs a reminder in just what country Jerusalem is located.
But Mr. Obama has been refusing to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Not only that, but he has been refusing to admit that Jerusalem is even in Israel.
Mr. Obama feels so strongly about the matter that even as he travels to a Jerusalem his lawyers will be preparing to argue in court against a law that would require his state department to acknowledge that Jerusalem is in Israel. The case is in court because of a lawsuit brought by an American infant, Binyamin Zivotofsky, who was born in Jerusalem in 2002. Shortly before he was born, Congress passed a law giving any American born at Jerusalem the right to request and be issued a passport and other documents listing his birthplace as Israel.
Master Zivotofsky made just such a request. It was filed by his parents. The law under which it was filed had passed the Congress by a huge, bipartisan vote (the Senate was unanimous). But President Obama is refusing to obey the law. He is not alone in this. President George W. Bush before him had issued, when he signed the measure, a statement saying that it encroached on his powers. At first the courts ruled that it was a political matter. But eventually the Supreme Court stepped in and ordered a lower court to resolve the matter. The hearing there is about to begin.
The question before the court is not whether Jerusalem is or is not within Israel. It is rather whether the Congress of the United States has the authority under the Constitution to set the wording of American passports. The Supreme Court ruled that the courts had to decide after Justice Sotomoyar, in a canny question, asked what would happen if a number of countries threatened war over the wording of the passport. It turns out to be to the Congress and not to the president that the Constitution delegates the power to declare war in the first place.
Nor is the question of Jerusalem but theoretical. Mr. Obama is facing precisely a threat of war over his trip to Jerusalem. It involves the Temple Mount. No less a terrorist organization than Hamas has warned that if Mr. Obama sets foot on the Temple Mount, it will amount to a declaration of war.
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At 5:32 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

You think he would do the Palestinians this favor and step on the temple mount?


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