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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Details of Haredi draft compromise emerge

Take this with a grain of salt, because I will be amazed if it passes in the form discussed here, but this report in JPost claims that Haredim who do not enlist in the IDF will be able to join the work force at the age of 21. That would be a major change from the current age of 28 and the previous age of 35. Of course, that assumes that there are jobs available to them....
According to Bayit Yehudi sources, there will be a quota of 1,800 yeshiva students every year who will be able to obtain full national service exemptions, a large increase from the 400 demanded by Yesh Atid, while the age of enlistment will be 21.

Approximately 7,000 haredi men turn 18 every year.

Crucially, anyone electing not to enlist after 21 will be able to join the work force, something which until now has not been possible until the age of exemption, currently 28, but previously as old as 35.

Significantly, there will be no criminal sanctions or charges against anyone choosing not to serve, but they will no longer be funded by the government.

This will constitute a significant blow to the yeshiva budgets and the overall haredi purse.

Additionally, certain financial penalties are slated to be included in a bill against someone choosing not to serve, although the details are not yet clear.

Ideas floated have included the revocation of municipal tax and national insurance discounts and other similar sanctions.

Financial incentives will be granted to those electing to serve in order to encourage enlistment.

The terms represent a serious compromise on the issue from Yesh Atid, but will nevertheless be bitterly opposed by the haredi spiritual and political leadership.

The damage such a law would do to the financial viability of yeshivot and, if personal financial sanctions are imposed, to the average haredi family purse, will be heavy and may likely leave many men no choice but to join the work force or enlist.
I find it hard to believe that they are going to let Haredim join the workforce at 21 without having done the army. If so, they may be leaving their noses on their faces rather than cutting them off for spite. 

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At 4:37 PM, Blogger David said...

according to YNET there will be incentives for hiring haredim

At 5:04 PM, Blogger UnOrthodox said...

Why don't they do something like the NAtional Guard?

Universal Basic Training(what are they doing Ben HaZmanim?),then some sort of Miluim to keep in practice, and oh BTW if anyone is good at something offer vocational training as well.


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