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Monday, March 11, 2013

Dear Blogger, Your new editor s***ks

Sorry folks but I don't know any other way to address Blogger and the issues I have with their new editor. I'm not convinced anyone ever sees it when I hit the 'send feedback' button in the bottom corner.


Dear Blogger,

Your new editor s***s. I miss the old one.

The old one didn't bold the text in my posts on its own.

The old one didn't give me constant error messages about 'error in saving your post.'

The old one may have taken longer to save a post, but at least it didn't require more than one click.

The old one didn't create an infinite number of drafts and at least when I deleted something, it deleted right away.

When I pasted text into WYSIWYG with the old one, at least the text looked the same when it posted, and didn't create tons of extra html code when I switched to html. Now, I can only pray that what I see will be what I get. Usually it's not.

Sorry Blogger. I'm sure you spent tons of money on your new editor, but I hate it. It's taking me multiple times as long to post as it used to and I'm not happy about it.


Carl in Jerusalem

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At 11:45 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Same here Carl.....I know how you feel.

PS: it's not speed related on my previous location i had 52.00 Mbps and had more probs saving then now at 20.00 Mbps, download speed and upload highs.


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