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Friday, February 08, 2013

Yachad kids in Jerusalem Marathon

Jerusalem is having a marathon on March 1, and here's one of the kids who is running in it. I just received this email from my dear friends Bernie and Iva K.
Dear Family and Friends:

On March 1st our dear and brave son, Zev Chaim, will be participating in the Jerusalem Marathon. A number of volunteers from Yachad will be pushing his wheelchair for 10 kilometers in order to raise funds for this wonderful organization whose goal is to assist people with all types of disabilities. I am asking you to please help Yachad's activities by donating any amount you can. It is easy: just go Zev Chaim's personal marathon page via the following link and follow the instructions: http://jerusalem.teamyachad.com/runner/lion1

On behalf of Zev Chaim, we kindly thank you.


Iva and Bernie K

Those of you who can, please think about sponsoring Zev Chaim.

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